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Llanes Lloplin – coming soon

“Llanes Lloplin” is a band formed by the union of musicians from Llanos and Madrid in the summer of 2023, in which they made a successful tour of different venues in the Llanes council, mixing music, beach, sun and memories. Guaranteed fun with versions of legendary songs from the 70s, 80s, 90s and 2000s. Songs borrowed from groups such as Fito, Shoking blue, Foo faithers, M-Clan, Daisy Jones, Tina Turner, etc.

Reserve your table for the event and if you want to share and get to know the members of Llanes Lloplin up close, sign up for the “Back Stage Party” where we will enjoy catering and celebrate and toast with the artists.

5,00  - table for 2 people

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